Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Zelma Blachman Goodman Rivin

Food story #1:

Traveling in Yugoslavia and hungry for dinner- a narrow road in the country- we see a farmhouse with a food sign- EUREKA! We are delighted to find a really ethnic place- but no English is spoken there and the menu is in a foreign language. No way to communicate. Finally, after many frustrating exchanges, I raise my hands to my chest and flap my elbows up and down- cackling all the while. Great grin from the famer's wife! And we were served chicken.

Food story #2:

A charming restaurant in Portugal. Excellent food. Waiter speaks broken English. Entree is excellent- we ask about dessert. He recommends "Flan Sinotre" which sounds to us like Frank Sinatra. So in a voice loud enough to engage the other diners, I laughingly exclaim "I'll have Frank Sinatra" which provoked wonderful merriment throughout the cafe. And incidentally, another American tourist joined our table for the fun. He has remained a friend.

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